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We are reinventing workforce insights with Voice AI

Enterprise people intelligence software that allows organizations to find, retain and engage the best candidates and employees

🔵 Gain the right insights with accuracy and fairness

🔵 Increase productivity with reduced turnover, poor hires, disengagement, and mental health costs

🔵 Win in the marketplace with the right intel and people at your side

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We analyze over 164 traits profiling live voice clues, emotions, and content in a multilayered process where it's nearly impossible to hide or fake the details and provide reliable and actionable insights that enable the right decisions. 

Aecho Hire

State-of-the-art multi-measure pre-employment assessment

We read people by testing human complexity through voice & emotions

🔵 Eliminate bad hires

🔵 Accurately identify, profile & hire the most suited candidates for the job

🔵 Discover things about your candidates you didn't even know were there and become a 21st-century people wizard   

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